Conrad Miami

Conrad Miami has always been one of top picks for people that appreciate luxury. This Hilton off-shoot takes up seventeen of thirty-six floors in a fancy high-rise building in the downtown area. Today, we are going to discuss if it’s underrated, overrated, or perhaps rightfully rated.

Is It Worth the Splurge?

While we’re big fans of luxury hotels, it needs to be said that they tend to be a little pricey. Sure, you can always say things like “What the hell did you expect from a LUXURY hotel anyway?” but we are of the opinion that not all higher-priced resorts are worth it. Throughout the years, Conrad Miami has been one of the most polarizing properties in all of Florida. Some hate it, some love it, most haven’t set their foot inside it. Now, let’s continue with the review.

One of the most obvious things is that all the accouterments of a five-star hotel are present. The rooms are modern, comfortable, and have the most delightful-looking bathrooms. While the minibars are in abundance, guests can walk to an array of restaurants, a nail salon, boutiques, a spa, a bike rental shop, and a luxury spa where they can enjoy a sauna or steam room treatment. All rooms also have desk and chair lamps, plus televisions. There are minibars, mini-fridges, tea and coffee makers, and non-free Wi-Fi (sorry). The overall look of the hotel (from outside) is more timeless than trendy, but the property is still modern, comfortable, and well-equipped.

Biggest Pros of Conrad Miami:

  1. Private beach entrance
  2. Awesome rooftop pool
  3. Beautiful oceanfront pool area
  4. High-end amenities available for a reasonable price
  5. 24-hour valet parking
  6. In-room personal electronics
  7. Childcare service
  8. Several tennis courts
  9. Kids’ club
  10. Free coffee
  11. Multiple perks for Diamond members
  12. Poolside cabanas, laundry service (amazing laundry service machines)
  13. Many year-round events, including lectures, movies, art shows, art events, receptions, and concerts
  14. Many outdoor areas for entertainment, including an arts garden, courtyard, and courtyard fountain