TasteInHotels: EAST Miami: Luxury Design Hotel in Brickell

EAST Miami is one of the hippest and most stylish holes in the area. It’s noted because of its eye-catching design and convenient location. Of course, even though there are many positive reviews floating around, most people have their fair share of reservations about the property. Is it really as good as advertised? Perhaps it’s a bit overrated? A tad overhyped? Down below, we are going to discuss some of the key things that guests liked and disliked about EAST Miami!

EAST Miami: Positives

  • Amazing location. The hotel is positioned atop Brickell City Centre, a fancy building that gives its visitors three levels of unequaled shopping, dining, and entertainment options. It’s a landmark in and of itself.
  • All rooms are incredibly trendy with modern designs that will surely impress even the pickiest guests. It really is one of the trendiest places in the area right now.
  • Free property-wide Wi-Fi and a free light morning meal to really brighten up your day.
  • Different suites with up to three bedrooms, full kitchens, and laundry facilities. The best value here may be the one-bedroom suite with a full kitchen (sometimes fully equipped with a grill), that sleeps up to six.
  • No property in the neighborhood has a more scenic pool than EAST Miami. After your stay there, all of your friends will get tired of hearing about it.
  • Many options for dining and drinking.
  • State-of-the-art fitness center that is open 24/7.

EAST Miami: Not so positives

  • Food and drinks are rather pricey. Even though the guests are typically willing to splurge on food and drinks during their stay in a LUXURY hotel, most admit that several options on the menu came across as somewhat overpriced to them.
  • EAST Miami is positioned in a very traffic-heavy area, which means that you might run into some unforeseen difficulties if you are getting around via car.
  • No access to beaches or spa. The vibe is more businesslike because of that, but that’s not something you should take into consideration, really. Not unless you want classic beachside vibes.