Fontainebleau Miami Beach - Wikipedia

The Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach is located right on the Atlantic Ocean in South Beach. Situated on Miami Beach’s oceanfront Collins Avenue, the property has become synonymous with Miami’s unique culture. It’s easy to spend a lazy weekend lounging at the beach or playing a few rounds of pool with friends and family at the hotel’s top-rated nightclub, LIV, located just steps from the hotel.

Furthermore, Fontainebleau Miami Beach is known for its historic beauty and contemporary touches. Luxurious yet comfortable furnishings are mixed with the hotel’s signature style, which blends new and old with vintage, blending history with innovation. It is a desirable choice for those seeking a high-end staycation or a relaxing weekend with a family in mind. Numerous eating options are on-site, including waterfront dining.

Biggest Pros & Cons (from REAL Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Reviews)

We went through a couple of thousand reviews from the hotel’s guests in order to figure out what makes the place unique and what makes people want to come back. Of course, not ALL the reviews were positive, so we also cherry-picked a fair share of cons and compiled them into a list as well. Read on to find out what people enjoyed and didn’t enjoy about Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach.


  1. This property is very important from the historic standpoint
  2. All rooms are positively stylish
  3. You can take your pet with you (for a fee)
  4. 10+ swimming pools, including several kid-friendly ones
  5. Oceanview rooms
  6. State-of-the-art gym that is totally free to attend
  7. There are three different restaurants to choose from


  1. Some awful music at the swimming pools (Electro-pop? Dubstep?)
  2. Beach umbrellas aren’t free
  3. Long lines for beach chairs
  4. A deposit is required to enjoy your minibar


Even though people have complained about some of the things in the past, it’s obvious that Fontainebleau Hotel Miami remains one of the best options for those that seek the most luxury and luxurious vacation in Miami. It’s well worth the price.