JW Marriott Marquis Miami is a premier hotel in South Florida that has a breathtakingly beautiful pool area, basketball court, three amazing restaurants to choose from, and more. In the review, we are going to discuss the best things about this property that most people enjoyed. To keep things honest and objective, we also compiled a list of cons.

JW Marriott Marquis: Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

Each restaurant offers a different level of service: one that is more casual and informal, one that offers a more formal one, and so forth.

The swimming pool which provides relaxing, slow-moving water for those who enjoy swimming. Moreover, the swimming pool area is the place where the guests enjoy some seriously breathtaking views of Miami Beach.

As we learned from the reviews, one thing the hotel does that most hotels don’t is it provides a back-up generator, which is great to have if there’s a power outage.

This retreat is great for those who love to do yoga, but are too nervous to try it in public. The practice is relaxed and meditative and is great for beginners.

24/7 room service for people that are willing to pay for it. It really is a convenient option for those that are not going to spare any expenses during their stay in JW Marriott Marquis.

Bathrooms are very spacious, which means that you get to experience some luxurious relaxation even without leaving your room.

Fitness center is available to all guests and it’s genuinely huge – amazing bay views are included!

All rooms are brightly lit and clean-looking. Guests can relax in their rooms for hours and enjoy meals while taking in the sights and sounds of the beautiful South Beach area.

Free Wi-Fi covering the entire property.

Cons include:

You have to pay extra if you want to use either the basketball court or bowling alley.

Parking services are somewhat expensive, but if you are going to stay here for the whole weekend, it might be a very insignificant expense compared to its value.

Some design elements might look out of place.