Hilton Bentley Miami South Beach Hotel

Even though some people say that Hiltons hotels should never be considered “luxury” hotels, we still think that Hilton Bentley Miami is luxurious enough to rank it among the best luxury hotels in Miami. Since it’s positioned in South of Fifth (the enclave known as SoFi by the locals), Hilton Bentley offers a calmer, more laid-back experience than some of the other hotels in South Beach. Down below, we are going to look at the list of positives and negatives to figure out if it’s worth your time/money or not.

Pros and Cons of Hilton Bentley (South Beach)

Let’s start this discussion with a positive note. Let’s talk about things that most people enjoy about Hilton Bentley:

  1. It’s positioned right on the beach. Location like that is very important for those that want a certain type of experience.
  2. All-suite hotel: full-on kitchens or kitchenettes only. Helps people save some money by cooking their own food, also helps create a much cozier atmosphere.
  3. Some luxurious items and design elements scattered throughout the suites. Creatures a sense of luxury without it ever feeling kitschy.
  4. South of Fifth is a great location for a hotel. There’s nobody who’s going to argue with that.
  5. Plenty of poolside attractions. It’s one of the most important things for people that seek relaxation.
  6. Great cabanas. Self-explanatory.
  7. Hilton Bentley is situated close to the greatest high-end nightclubs and restaurants in the South Beach area.

Now, let’s mention a few things that people did NOT enjoy:

  1. Nightlife is not as thriving as some have hoped. Some people have to take a cab to the South Beach center.
  2. Not too many inexpensive restaurants to choose from in the area.
  3. Guests at the nearby Nikki Beach Club tend to get rowdy, so, depending on the time, it might be a little noisy.
  4. Some rooms are not as modern/modernized as the others.

What do we have in the end?  Hilton Bentley Miami is a great option for those that want to enjoy a moderately priced yet luxurious experience in South Beach.