People unfamiliar with Sense Beach House have no idea what makes this property so popular. Down below, we are going to discuss the biggest reasons why people tend to give this hotel 5-star reviews. We will also discuss more than a couple of things that visitors did not like in terms of both service and location.

Needless to say, these shortcomings can be overlooked if you are interested in taking advantage of the awesome opportunities that the place has to offer. Let’s discuss the positives first!

Sense Beach House is Eco-Friendly

The property is situated in a serene area that comes with plenty of green space. The owners also decided to go with sustainable building practices. This means that they use earth-friendly materials in the construction of the hotel.

Sense Beach House Offers Great Service

We all love to get good service at the places where we spend most of our time! The staff members here are friendly and are willing to offer any kind of assistance that you need. The staff makes a point to come in early so that they can have the place spic-and-span by the time you get there. Moreover, they are even willing to offer special treatment to the guests with kids. Most parents will find this a welcome relief since some of the places that they are going to visit are rather unfriendly to families.


There are not enough good things that are being said about Sense Beach House’s convenient South Beach location. Some people may worry about the location of the hotel since it is located in a place on Ocean Drive that is not a lot of tourists go to, but this should not be a deal-breaker.

Bonus: Biggest Cons of Sense Beach House

Among the worst things about this hotel, people are quick to point out:

  1. Resort fee
  2. No coffee machines in guestrooms
  3. No spa
  4. No fitness center

Once again, we would like to point out that we feel like this property has been unfairly overlooked in favor of some other hotels that are more popular because of the size of their advertising budget or rich history. It’s a great option overall.