It’s easy to say that the Coconut Grove Ritz is one of the best options for people that seek relaxation and luxury experiences in Miami. The 22-storey towers look like a live oasis compared to its neighborhood. They catch the eye of any passer-by and they attract people from all walks of life. Now, let’s get the important information out of the way.

The author visited the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami December 15, 2020. Neither the hotel company nor the hotel reviewed or approved this story.

Biggest Pros and Cons of the Coconut Grove Ritz


  1. The lobby actually is the epicenter of the hotel. The entire concourse is furnished with brass tables, ebony paneling and other eye-catching elements. Looks modern but not too modern.
  2. The pool is very large which makes it a more comfortable experience for those that really want to interact with others while enjoying some R&R in the water.
  3. 24/7 room service. These things are very important, they can make or break an experience. This hotel was “made” by little things like that.
  4. Amazing service. Everybody was extremely helpful and you can tell that they enjoyed being helpful. There’s nothing to improve about the experience in terms of service since it’s faultless.
  5. Amazing food. As you would expect from an upscale property such as the Coconut Grove Ritz! That being said, it’s always nice to actually enjoy food instead of trying to figure out if you’re being ripped off or not.
  6. The hotel is very much well-maintained. From floor to ceiling, the property is spotless. Even though this kind of cleanness borders on sterility, it’s still the best option you can hope for in your hotel.
  7. Spa and fitness center is pretty great after it was renovated. You can get a great workout in without having to pay for anything.


  1. No beaches in close proximity. It’s a huge disappointment for those that are mostly in the mood for beachside fun.
  2. The ambiance is very businesslike.
  3. No restaurants in close proximity either. You are approximately five blocks removed from all the worthwhile options.