The Setai has become one of the most popular luxury hotels in Miami Beach. Its appeal is universal, but for this write-up, we are going to focus on things that we personally enjoyed about our stay in it.

4 Great Things about The Setai (That People Rarely Talk About)

Quiet Rooms.

It’s very important to get a good night’s sleep when you’re enjoying your vacation. Due to the way the Setai is situated it might seem as if it’s impossible to find some room that offers some peace and quiet, but you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the fact that MOST rooms at the Sentai are quiet. You don’t really have to go out of your way to book a special room somewhere in the quieter part of the hotel or anything like that.

Free Drinking Water.

The hotel has free drinking water and when we’re on vacation we’ll do whatever it takes to get free water. That’s why we love hotel rooms with free drinking water. It might not taste amazing, but the option to save money is always an exciting one.

Relevant Info.

It’s nice to know that in case you get stuck in a difficult spot, you can ask the hotel receptionist for directions to a local hotspot or use the hotel’s internet. More and more hotels have added tools to their websites and apps that allow guests to receive local recommendations without ever leaving their rooms. The Setai has been one of the most important and forward-thinking establishments for quite some time now, so they embrace innovations and make sure that you have all the info regarding all local attractions and menus, as well as local offers and deals for hotels and restaurants. We think they should launch an app that needs to include coupons for nearby restaurants, cocktail classes, fitness classes, shops, etc. It would have been amazing!

Complimentary Amenities.

Sure, it’s nice to splurge on a nice hotel room, but what about all the amenities they offer? The guests at The Setai can enjoy free tea, coffee (and water, too!), car service to popular Miami hotspots, and other luxe amenities.