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Everybody knows the history behind 1 Hotel South Beach Miami and all about its eco-chic glory. Down below, we are going to name a few things that we personally love about this luxurious hotel. We are trying to come up with unique points, so you’ll have to bear with us.

01. No bathroom TV

We just had to throw this one in, since some hotels do block in-room TVs (which can be a drag!). But we were thankful to find that 1 Hotel South Beach does not have a bathroom TV (such a relief). The downsides of having a TV in your bathroom are obvious, so we are happy that there wasn’t a TV in the bathroom of this specific hotel.

02. Options for in-room massages

There are a lot of things we hate about traveling, but our number one item is the lack of quality massages. But at some of our favorite hotels, we get a chance to get a massage without getting out of our fancy bed. At 1 Hotel South Beach Miami, for example, guests can request a customized, 45-minute, half-therapy, half-fitness session. Also available: 15-minute Swedish or deep tissue massage.

03. Ambience

Whether it’s luxurious amenities, “trendy” amenities, or hotel staff, this hotel does a great job creating a certain atmosphere. In general, we think it’s cool when hotels go out of their way to create distinct environments, whether it’s in the lobby, the rooms, or even in the bathroom.

04. Endless possibilities for socializing

It’s no secret that many hotels have gorgeous restaurants, bars, and lounges. But with so many lounges to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and taken aback at the thought of deciding where to go. With 1 Hotel South Beach Miami, we feel like we can go anywhere — or do anything — that we want. It obviously attracts a very certain kind of crowd… The kind of crowd that makes you feel pretty damn comfortable, to tell you the truth!

05. Internet

When we’re on the road, we love to check email, read the news, or even catch up on the latest season of your favorite show. 1 Hotel South Beach makes all of that possible thanks to its amazing internet.

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